Groundhog Willie of Wiarton

I was wondering: “How do they understand what the prediction is if the groundhog cannot speak?” The only way is to go and see the ritual with our own eyes. We booked a room in Pacific Inn in the heart of Wiarton to be able to walk to the beach and community center.

Because February 1st and 2nd are out of summer season, it was only we and another family in the whole hotel. Yvonne did her best to make our stay comfortable. All people of the town, that we met, were very friendly.

We started with the walking tour through the town to became familiar with the place:

The Groundhog day started at 7 am with firework at the beach. It was a wake-up call for Willie. The prediction took place at 8:07 am at Wiarton community center. Mayor talked to Willie, but the verdict was announced by heralds only after her short discussion with Prediction Committee, the oldest of which was 101 years old.

Willie goes to work

Now we look forward visit Willie in the summer time.

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