Flowerpot Island

I listened about the ship with the glass floor,

and we went to Tobermory of Ontario to have a look.
On the left side of hw6, there is a billboard of Flowerpot Glass Botton Cruises by Blue Heron Cruises company. It was our first stop in Tobermory: to buy the tickets for the sail. The nice thing was that they gave us a reservation in their parking lot for the whole day.

We boarded the Blue Heron 8 vessel in Little Tub Harbour and headed toward the Big Tub Harbour to see the Sweepstakes Ship Wreckage:

Next, the ship headed to the Flowerpot Island. Our tickets had an entry admission to Fathom Five National Marine Park. The island is included in this protected area.

Coming close, we had a pleasure to see the lighthouse and the keeper house, cave, where he kept the food, two rock pillars, called flowerpots.

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